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Our Premier Plan options

Our service starts at just £10.99 but our Premier Plan ofers you the flexibility to design the service to suit your particular needs. Our options are shown below.

Yearly Fee £10.99

(to see prices for our InSite Service, click here)


You can then chose from any of these optional additional services

1. Additional Properties. You can start with just a single property as part your basic fee but you can add as many as you need:

to be able to have up to 3 properties, add £16.00

or to be able to have up to 5, add £28.00

or to be able to have up to 12, add £42.00

or to be able to have up to 20, add £58.00

If you require more than 20 calendars, please use our online quotation system.

2. Rental Rates. Five different rental rates (High, Low, Peak etc) for each property are included as standard.

to increase this from 5 to 7, add     £11.00

or to increase this from 5 to 10, add    £22.00

3. Property Agent Option. If you act as an agent for others, the property agent option allows you to automate the booking process to them too.

Click for Property Agent Option charges
Properties   Fee
Up to 3   £25.00
5   £30.00
12   £60.00
20   £95.00
Over 20   Please use our
online quotation system

4. Email/Text confirmation of bookings to you and/or your guests:

a) by email           these are included as standard

b) by SMS text     optional service charged on a Pay-as-you-go basis from as little as 8p per mesage sent

Click for SMS text price plans
Prepay SMS 100 100 texts £12.00   Prepay SMS 600 600 texts £55.00
Prepay SMS 200 200 texts £22.00   Prepay SMS 700 700 texts £63.00
Prepay SMS 300 300 texts £32.00   Prepay SMS 800 800 texts £70.00
Prepay SMS 400 400 texts £40.00   Prepay SMS 900 900 texts £75.00
Prepay SMS 500 500 texts £48.00   Prepay SMS 1000 1000 texts £80.00

5. Credit/Debit cards. Linking to your credit card company.

If you want to be able to accept deposit and balance payments by credit/debit card we can link your Bookingcheck service to your chosen credit card company. If you need any help or further information about this, please contact us.

Click for credit card integration charges
Credit Card Service   Single Payment of
PayPal Business Standard   £75.00
PayPal Express Checkout   £175.00
Google Checkout   £175.00
WorldPay   £195.00
Sage Pay (Protx)   £195.00
Streamline   £195.00
Barclaycard ePDQ   £195.00
PayPal Web Payments Pro   Not available
other payment services   please ask


Demo for our Premier Plan

Apply for the Premier Plan


Optional extras items 1, 2 & 3 are annual payments

All are subject to our Terms and Conditions

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