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A flexible online booking system and availability calendar for your holiday rental property or agency or your B&B
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Your complete online booking and availability system

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    ... with our service you can :

  • display an integrated calendar of up to 12 properties on the same page
    • or show individual calendars for each property
  • display the calendar as far ahead as you wish
    • from 3 months to 36 months
  • show up to 10 different daily or weekly rates per property
    • up to 10 different seasons (low/high/peak/etc)
    • plus show optional long-stay discounts
  • apply special rates for 'weekend only' or short stay bookings
    • you set what qualifies as 'short'
    • you set what nights qualify as 'weekend'
  • send automatic booking acknowledgements to your guest
    • by email
    • by SMS text to their mobile
  • send you email notification of all bookings
    • and/or SMS text message to your mobile
  • be customised with your own logo, booking form questions and selection from a choice of calendar colours
  • display rental rates in UK pounds (£), euros (€) or dollars ($)
  • show the costs of optional extras and offer them on the booking form to bring extra value to your guest's booking
  • calculate deposit and balance amounts for instant display to the guest when booking (optional)
  • keep track of deposits and balances and view overdue or shortly due items
  • issue reminders for unpaid deposits and balance payments falling due
  • have an unlimited numbers of visitors to your calendar pages
  • integrate with most credit card payment systems, such as PayPal, Sagepay, WorldPay, Barclaycard and Streamline.       payment system details >>
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