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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequent questions we are asked about our service. If you don't find the answer here or in the rest of our Help Section, then please raise a Support Request (from your Administration Menu) and we will respond as soon as we can.

  I've just applied for Bookingcheck service, how do i use it on my web site?
Please take a look at our Getting Started guide.
  Prices are shown in £ (Sterling). Can I use a different currency?
Yes you can. You can change it to euro (€) or dollar ($) from your Adminstration Menu under System Options, click on 'Change System Options' on the Systems tab.
If you need to display in currencies not already included, please raise a Support Request from the Help section.
  I have more than five different rates throughout the year. How can I show them?
You can have up to 5 different rate seasons for each property and each of these seasons can be applied multiple times, See our Rates Help for more details.
However, if you have more than 5 different rates applying to that property throughout the year, you can increase your subscription to 7 or 10 for a small additional annual charge.
Please select the Add/Remove/Change Services option from your Adminstration Menu > System Options and choose the service you need.
  Can I get a refund if I cancel my service early?
No. Our service is provided on an annually renewable basis from the date you first apply. There is no refund* of any fees paid if you decide to cancel the service during the year.
                *other than the special circumstances outlined in items 6 and 8 of our Terms and Conditions.
  I am not receiving email notifications for booking enquiries. Why is this?
It could be that your email program is putting them into your Spam or Junk folder. Please ensure that 'bookingcheck.net' is shown as a trusted domain name (sometimes called a Safe Sender) in your email program or on your email service. If this does not solve the problem, submit a Support Request from your Administration menu and we will investigate.
In Microsoft Outlook® and Outlook Express®, go to Actions. Junk Email Options, select the Safe Senders tab then click on 'Add' button and type in bookingcheck.net, then click Ok and Ok again.
For Hotmail and Windows Live mail, sign in to your mail service, click 'Options' (top right), then 'More Options' and then click 'Safe and blocked senders' under the Junk e-mail heading, then 'Safe senders'. Type @bookingcheck.net to the box marked 'Sender or domain to mark as safe:' and click the Add to List button.
For Google Mail (Gmail) you should sign in to your Google Mail and add support@bookingcheck to your Contacts. Also create a filter (top line of page next to the Search the Web button) with 'support@bookingcheck.net' and 'do.not.reply@bookingcheck.net' in the 'From' box, click Next Step, then tick the 'Never send it to Spam' and then click the Create Filter button.
For Yahoo you should add 'support@bookingcheck.net' and 'do.not.reply@bookingcheck.net' to your Contacts and ensure that Yahoo's SpamGuard system is not set to send Bookingcheck emails into your Spam-box. Check out Yahoo's help pages for more information.
  I am not receiving sms text message notifications for booking enquiries. Why is this?
Please check you have given us your correct mobile number. You can do this from the 'Amend my Details' option on the System tab in your Administration menu. If it is a UK mobile you can show it as the normal 07 number (eg. 0789 123 4567) or prefixed with the international access digits (eg. 44789 123 4567). If it is a mobile from a country other than UK, please show it in the full international style (eg. 34 621 123456). You can use spaces between the numbers or enter it without spaces. Please do not show the + sign or the 00.
If you continue having a problem, please raise a Support Request

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