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Rental Optional Extras

Click to open tabWhat are Rental Optional Extras?

If you want to offer additional services and facilities to your guests, at a charge, then you can offer these as part of the booking process when your future guest is most likely to choose to take them. These could be charges for extra towels, linen or a welcome pack on arrival or it could be to cover an extra charge you make if they wish to bring a pet with them.

You add these to your Bookingcheck system by creating a 'Group' of optional items which you can then apply to all your properties or to an individual property or any number of properties. You can create up to 20 Groups which will allow you to apply different options to individual properties, should you so wish.

Click to open tabCreating a Group

You can create a Group from the Admin Menu, under Properties Options and selecting 'Add/Amend Rental Optional Extras'.

If you already have a Group or Groups, these will be listed. If not, click 'add a new group' to create your first one.

Give the Group a name (max 24 characters) - this is for your information only and is not seen by your guests.

Click Submit and your Group will be created and allocated a Reference Letter (from A to T). You will be returned to the Extras Menu for you to add the Optional Extras items to it.

The maximum number of Groups is 20

Click to open tabCreating Optional Extras items within a Group

Having created your Group (see above) click on 'add new item to this group'.

Complete the requested information as follows:-

This is the description of the Optional Extra item that is seen by your guest. Max 48 characters. (eg. Extra Hand & Bath Towels and Bed Linen)
A 16 character abbreviation which will shown on emails to you and online records. This will not be seen by your guest. (eg. Towels & Linen)
Type of answer
A checkbox allows the guest to place a tick against an item to request it. (eg Standard Welcome Box)
A Text box allows the guest to type in an amount if the cost of the item is variable (eg Welcome Box to the value of X)
Amount of charge
This will only be seen if you select 'Checkbox' as the Type of Answer. Enter the cost of the item here with or without decimal places. (eg. 5,  5.00 or 2.50). Do not type in the currency sign.
Add text option to item
If you have chosen Textbox as the Type of Answer, this will ask you to select to which existing checkbox item this one should be linked. Only one textbox is allowed per checkbox option.
Charged for every/each
The charge you make or the amount entered by the guest in a textbox can be charged per booking, per week or per day. Or it can be charged every 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th week or day. If you choose 'Booking' as the 'charged for every/each' the numerical setting will default to '1'.
Selected by Default
When the booking form is presented to the potential guest the Rental Optional Extra can be pre-selected as 'Yes' if you wish. Please take care with this as it could result in items being included without the guest realising it which could make you look uncompetitive or having to subsequently give refunds.
Collect Payment with
This defaults to 'Balance' which means that, when costs are presented to the guest, these optional extras will be included in the 'Balance Due' figure. If you prefer, you can change this to 'Deposit' which will then add this Optional Extras cost on to the Deposit amount.
You can have a mix of Balance and Deposit items within the same Group.

Click Save to complete the addition of that item.

Click to open tabChanging and Removing Optional Extras Items

Click on change or click on Remove as appropriate.

If 'Change' simply over-type or change any information and click Save Changes. See Creating Optional Extras Items above for help with the individual settings for the item.

If 'Remove', click Confirm Deletion and the item will be deleted. It is not possible to reinstate a deleted item though the item number remains on the system. Any new items subsequently added will not reuse this item number.

Click to open tabApplying the Groups to all or just some properties

Each Group is given a reference letter (from A to T). These are shown when you create or amend any Optional Extras.

It is this Group reference letter that is key to which items are shown on a property booking form. If you apply 'A' to a property, all the items within that group (that you will have created already or subsequently add to it) will appear during every booking.

  • To apply a Group letter to all the properties on your Bookingcheck system:
    Go to System Options, choose 'Change System Options', click on 'Booking Options' and add the appropriate letter for the Group at 'Rental Optional Extras'
  • To apply a Group letter to an individual property, or number of properties:
    Go to the Properties Options, choose 'Change Options', under the heading 'Bookings and Deposits' add the appropriate letter for the Group at 'Rental Optional Extras'
You can apply a Group to all your properties at 'System Options' and a further, different, Group at individual property level at 'Properties Options'. Both sets of options will be presented to your guest.

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