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Downloading your bookings

You can download a complete list of all your bookings on the Bookincheck system which you can view on your own computer or import into another software program on your computer to sort, view or print off as you wish.

How to get your download file

From the Admin Menu, go to Bookings and click on Download your Bookings

It may take up to 10 seconds to create your file (but is usually much quicker) and the screen will update when it is ready for you. Click on the spreadsheet icon to download it to your computer.

Depending on the preferences you have set in your browser the download will either start automatically or it will first ask where you want to save the file. You can change the filename to one of your own choice.

Viewing the file on your computer

Find the file you have just created on your computer and open it in your preferred software program. This could be a program designed to create a spreadsheet program or a text document.

We recommend using a 'spreadsheet' program to view your downloaded file which will allow you the most flexibility in viewing the information. Examples of these programs are Microsoft Excel (part of Microsoft Office) and OpenOffice Calc (part of the Open Office Suite). Open Office is a free download which you can get at www.openoffice.org

When you open the document you will be asked to choose how you wish it to be displayed. If you are using OpenOffice it will look like the example below but other programs may ask you similar questions.

Just a couple more things:-

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