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Customising your Booking Form

You can customise the booking form that your guests complete for their online booking from within the Sytems Options of your Admin Menu.

Below is the default booking form - the questions that can be changed or removed are highlighted.

Default Booking Form


You can decide if you wish to Hide or Show each question and what type of response you want for each.

The number range for numerical answers, such as 'Number of Adults in your party', can be set to match the size of your property.

Answers to others, such as Reason for your Stay, can be set to a choice from a list provided by you or simply a text field where the guest can type their answer.

You can also add up to two further questions. You can set the answer to be either free-text or a Yes/No choice or you can create a drop-down list of options from which your guests can choose.



If you would like to see a video demonstration of how easy it is to customise the booking form, please click here.


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