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Booking Administration

New Bookings

You will be sent an email notification whenever someone places a booking with you. Your guest will have also been sent an acknowledgement email unless you have turned off this option in your System Option settings.

You should now go to your Admin menu > Bookings > New Bookings and confirm, or decline, the booking.

The system will offer to send an email confirmation when you confirm a booking and you are able to customise it for each booking this before it is sent. You can skip this email if you prefer not to send one at this time.

It will NOT send an email if you decline a booking as most proprietors would prefer to handle this delicate matter personally.

Viewing, confirming and declining bookings - View a video tutorial

There are a number of ways to view your bookings and these are listed on the Bookings menu block, please choose the appropriate option.

From the list of bookings, you can ‘Confirm’, ‘View’ or ‘Cancel’ bookings as appropriate.

When you select a booking in ‘View’ mode, you will also see the details of the guest and any payments due or made.

There is a ‘Print’ option from this screen also.

Cancellations - View a video tutorial

Select the ‘Cancel existing booking’ option from the Admin Menu > Direct Amendments tab

Entering telephone and non-web bookings - View a video demo

You can enter Manual Bookings (ie those taken by phone or mail) or enter Blackout dates (dates when you don’t want bookings) from the Admin Menu/Direct Amendments tab

Manual Bookings only ask for minimal details of the guest, and even these details are optional.

I keep getting reminders for outstanding bookings. Why?

The system will check at regular intervals for every booking over two days old that you have not confirmed and will send you an email reminder. It will continue to remind you until that booking is either confirmed, cancelled or the start date has passed.

If you do not wish to receive these reminders, please uncheck the box under the Change Options settings which you will find on System Option in your Admin Menu.

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