A flexible online booking system and availability calendar for your holiday rental property or agency or your B&B

Getting Started

Thank you for choosing Bookingcheck. To get your system ready for your guests you will need to do just two things:-

  Check the details we hold for you are correct
You do this from the System tab of your Administration Menu using the password that we sent to your registered email address
  Add the dates of your existing bookings
You do this from your Administration Menu. Use the Direct Amend tab.

You may also want to add some more details about your rental charges (but your booking system will work without them)

  Add your rates and rate seasons and the name of your property
You do this from the Properties tab of your Administration Menu.

That's it!

your guests will now be able to click onto your Availability page, check dates and place a booking request.


To link your site to your Bookingcheck system
To link your web site to your Bookingcheck system you will need to use this link :
(we have also sent you this information by email)

https://www.bookingcheck.net/book?c=Your Account Number

If you manage your own web site, simply cut and paste this link onto your web page at a suitable point.
If you use a web designer to create your pages, send a copy of the link to them.


To link your site to one specific property on your Bookingcheck system (Premier Plan only)
If you prefer to link directly to the calendar for one single property, rather than the system listing all your properties on the one page, use this link instead:

https://www.bookingcheck.net/book?c=Your Account Number&p=1

Simply change the final number on that link (the 'p' number) to 2 or 3 etc as required (so for a link direct to your second property's availability calendar, it would be https://www.bookingcheck.net/book?c=Your Account Number&p=2)

Please note that your Bookingcheck service will only work with the web site you have registered with us.

If you need any further help or information, please look at our Frequently Asked Questions page or raise a Support Request (from your Administration Menu)

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