A flexible online booking system and availability calendar for your holiday rental property or agency or your B&B

Your Admin Menu

You can get to this by simply clicking on the link that you will find on the booking request notification email or by going to www.bookingcheck.net/admin

You will need your password to access your Administration Menu. (This was sent to you on your ‘Welcome’ email and can be changed by clicking on the terracotta-coloured System Options block in the Admin Menu)

Each aspect of administration on your Bookingcheck service is handled from one of these Menu blocks
Shows your bookings – you can filter these in a number of ways (eg: current, past, awaiting approval)
Direct Amendments
Allows you to enter bookings taken over the phone with only minimal input.
Can also be used for ‘blacking out’ certain days which you do not wish to offer for rental.
Also contains the option for cancelling an existing booking
This is used for entering payments received and for checking for outstanding deposits and balances due.
Properties Options
For maintinaing and customising your property details on the system, such as the name of the property, it's rates and deposit terms.
You can also add and remove properties
System Options
For maintaining and customising your system.
You can change your business and personal details, your password or even cancel your account if you wish.
Information about the number of and location of visitors to your calendar.
View our self-help topics and guides. You can also raise support issues or find out how to contact Bookingcheck about other matters

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